WINNER - Grand Jury Prize
WINNER - Best Picture
WINNER - Best Cinematography

by Daniel Robinette

"Abandoned by his mother, Solomon is left to live in isolation while abiding by three rules. Having grown accustomed to his routine, he begins to realize the rules may be a hindrance to a life-changing discovery."

WINNER - Second Jury Prize
RUNNER-UP - Best Plot Development
RUNNER-UP - Best Picture

Tales Of Darkened Light - "Runaways"
by Rick Masi

"A tale about the scariest thing of all: Love. Its what we live for, and its what we die for."

WINNER - Third Jury Prize
WINNER - Best Costume Design

Windward Spirits: Blood Ties
by Rafael Zubizarreta

"An old friend of the Hartwill family travels half a world away to seek the last man who can restore the family name."

WINNER - Best Best Acting/Performance
WINNER - Best Sound Design

Sammy Delaney and the Buoyant Meatloaf
by Kee Ramsorrun

"Sammy Delaney and the Buoyant Meatloaf is a short film-noir comedy about Sammy Delaney, a private detective, working a case for a beautiful woman while trying not to fall in love with her. Or fall over the furniture."


WINNER - Best Special FX
WINNER - Best Animation

The Velvet Abstract
by James Hughes

"A Short Film About the Environmental Age from a Team Spanning Six Continents."

WINNER - Best Plot Development
NOMINEE - Best Acting/Performance

Another Day
by Marc Lyon Galang

"John (Jimilee Allen), a plumber who is plagued by a variety of illnesses and Lori (Dorys Vazquez), his girlfriend, troubled with her own anxieties, begin to analyze their long term relationship and wonder what is truly making them sick."

RUNNER-UP - Best Acting/Performance
RUNNER-UP - Best Cinematography

A Little Less Help
by Nathan Luttrull

"Sometimes your friends just suck. The story of four young friends as told through the heightened reality they perceive of themselves."

WINNER - Best Set Design
NOMINEE - Best Plot Development

A Scream That's Trapped Inside
by Savvas Christou

"Mara comes back home from her boyfriend's funeral to experience a mind game full of guilt. Jake, her boyfriend, prepared a scavenger game and placed some notes around the house that lead to an anniversary present. Memories and guilt spin around her head as she plays the "game"."

WINNER - Best Original Score

by Andrew Huggins

"A modern day adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "Young Goodman Brown" from 1835."

RUNNER-UP - Best Costume Design


Drawn To Fear
by Daniel Robinette

"A single woman named Hope has procured a rare book under strange circumstances. Little does she know that the book has a life of it's own - drawing out the fears of those who possess it. Hope struggles to figure out the meaning of the book before it's too late."

RUNNER-UP - Best Animation

Those Drawn Alive
by Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara

"Every autumn I get heavily moody. This is caused by the loss of the light.
Last summer I heard from the radio a tune called " the House of the Rising Sun ".
At once I was on a wintery road, with a very low light - and having an impossible opponent against me - "

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