Winners (May)


WINNER - Grand Jury Prize
RUNNER-UP - Best Picture


One Man Called Olivier Bécaille 
by Alessandro Masella

"South France, 1933. Olivier Bécaille (Alessandro Masella) is a young farmer who lives with his wife and his sons. One day, while he was working in olive fields, he feels a sudden illness and collapses. Doctor’s diagnosis is that of a tubercolosis, which will bring him to his death very fast. Anyway Olivier doesn’t totally die, because a special light is still turning on in him, a little perception of the life… "

WINNER - Second Jury Prize
WINNER - Best Picture
RUNNER-UP - Best Acting / Performance

Oak Bones
by Lindsay Corriveau

"A woman, carved from wood and brought to life by a possessive artist, unwittingly falls in love with a scarred street performer and the turbulent world he inhabits right outside her window."

WINNER - Third Jury Prize
WINNER - Best Set Design
WINNER - Best Costume Design

Windward Spirits: A New Ruler
by Rafael Zubizarreta

"A man who recently takes the throne of a small kingdom quickly realizes that the cost of power is much more than he bargained for."

WINNER - Best Animation
WINNER - Best Special FX
RUNNER-UP - Best Original Score

by Radheya Jegatheva

"Alone in space, an astronaut drifts through the empty void. After finding another astronaut in the same predicament, she gives him a polaroid image of the Earth.

They then team up to go on an epic journey across the universe to return to their planet. Will these star-crossed lovers find home?"

WINNER - Best Acting/Performance
NOMINEE - Best Picture

by Laura Winter

"After losing contact with his ex-girlfriend a young man turns to the internet to try and track her down. Is it possible that the power of social media can help reunite them and more importantly, does she even want to be found?

'Shared' is a short film exploring the consequences of information sharing in a digital age."

WINNER - Best Sound Design
RUNNER-UP - Best Plot Development

All Over Again 
by Joeseph McGovern

"Gregory, an aging guitarist, re-discovers his passion and finds the courage to play again."

WINNER - Best Plot Development

Inside The Armoire
by Roy Berkeley

"A B-movie star experiences a VR movie device called 'The Armoire' that slowly makes her lose her identity and her mind."

RUNNER-UP - Best Cinematography

Losing Life
by Fahad Olayan

"John is a rich and successful man. He has two kids and a beautiful wife. One day, John develops a headache and goes to see Dr. Joseph. After giving John diagnostic tests and prescribing medication for his headaches, Dr. Joseph tells John that the tests show that he has been sterile since birth. He tells John that he cannot have children unless he has a special surgery. John thinks his wife has cheated on him and he believes that his two kids are not his own. John tries to kill his family. A Detective finds out that Dr. Joseph has lied to John and his other patients in order to get more money from them"

WINNER - Best Cinematography

by Raphael Pamplona

"1977, In a room of a shared apartment in Argentina, a Brazilian exile is tormented by his past and fights to keep his sanity. But, in the end, he gives himself up to the madness given by a political paranoia triggered by a mosquito."

NOMINEE - Best Acting/Performance


Writings On The Edge
by Bernardo Candeis

"A young writer is struggling with a serious problem: there is not a single word on his page. It is almost like his pen is erasing ideas instead of writing them. Suddenly, his writer’s block is interrupted when a girl appears and begins singing and playing her guitar. The girl tries to understand why the young man can’t write, but then something extraordinary happens, and the writer embarks on a journey inside his soul..."

WINNER - Best Original Score

Tales Of Darkened Light - "Grandeur"
by Rick Masi

"A dive bar singer's wildest dreams of being a musician turn into nightmares..."

NOMINEE - Best Plot Development

Korean Dog Meat Exposé
by James Hyams

"In this in-depth investigative documentary, we expose the current conditions in dog farms in South Korea using raw, undercover footage shot via smartphone. "

NOMINEE - Best Cinematography

The Loop
by Mohamed Hassan

"A short film about a girl seeking and searching for happiness. Should we give up reality in the sake of our beloved companion?"