Winners (April)


WINNER - Grand Jury Prize
WINNER - Best Picture

Whoever Was Using This Bed
by Andrew Kotatko

"A married couple is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call. Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires. Based on a story by Raymond Carver (Birdman), WHOEVER WAS USING THIS BED is an award-winning short psychological drama starring Jean-Marc Barr (The Big Blue), Radha Mitchell (Man on Fire) and Jane Birkin (Blow Up)."

WINNER - Second Jury Prize
RUNNER-UP - Best Cinematography

by John Hellberg

"What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?"

WINNER - Third Jury Prize
WINNER - Best Plot Development


Days to Come
by Louis Findlay

"Days To Come is an emotional modern narrative of one man's struggle through anxiety and depression. Journey with him as he loses the one person that means the most and battles against his inner demons."

WINNER - Best Animation
WINNER - Best Costume Design

Hidden Devil
by Fran Mateu

"A long time ago, King Välak and Queen Thâis served as guardians of the ancient world, where pain and death didn't exist. Nevertheless, an evil from the highest levels threatens to be reborn and is just about to arrive."

RUNNER-UP - Best Special FX
RUNNER-UP - Best Costume Design

by Philippe McKie

"In tomorrow's Tokyo, the technologically-enhanced body of a young mercenary hacker is overrun by a sentient data weapon. Wanted, the parasitic A.I becomes her only ally as she is chased across the city by those seeking to salvage it."

WINNER - Most Innovative Production

Come From Bidesh
by Mohammed Yeasin

"Its a story about a foreigner and his struggle in cope with the new place.The foreigner is named "Den Mahmud" Who is from Brazil and Comes Bangladesh to sell his Fathers land as his father and mother both died in a accident.After coming in another country exactly how he struggels with his language problems and how the people around him behaves with him is shown in this fiction."


WINNER - Best Set Design

Leica Story
by Raúl Mancilla

"Robert, a war correspondent in the midst of an existential crisis, arrives in a small Andalusian village shortly after the Spanish Civil War. Its inhabitants keep secrets from the past and wounds that have not yet healed. The arrival of the reporter will cause some buried stories to re-emerge."


RUNNER-UP - Best Acting/Performance

The Victim
by Adrian Kemp

"Matt Walker, a very smart and intelligent young man, he is very sensitive and sometime makes impulsive decisions due to his ADHD. Matt uses a fake ID to gain access to a inner city club. Matt's evening out turns into nightmare when he becomes a victim of an attack. After 12 months he cannot live with the emotional pain which has been trapped inside, We are invited into the emotional journey as he re lives the tragic night all over again as he gives his statement"


RUNNER-UP - Best Picture

The Island
by Anna Woch

"An island where all our questions are finally answered... Based on a poem by Wisława Szymborska."

WINNER - Best Cinematography

January Hymn
by Katherine Canty

"A reflection on grief, January Hymn sees Clara return home for the first anniversary of her father's death."

RUUNER-UP - Best Plot Development

by Mayur Puri

"Firdaws doesn’t question the existence of the promised paradise, but turns the idea on it’s head by asking what if it was real and yet, one wouldn’t get the ‘pure bliss of forgetfulness’?  Firdaws has a strong humanitarian & anti-terrorism message."


WINNER - Best Special FX

by Hollis Sherman-Pepe

"This is a mixed media film examining a man coping with loss. Is there a difference in the value of imagined thoughts and perceived memory? Painting is the only salvation for the protagonist. He searches for meaning after the death of his wife, a war photojournalist. Art is therapy to quiet the mind."


WINNER - Best Acting/Performance

Once Upon a Dream
by Anthony Nion

"When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she's the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks... Litteraly, the girl of his dreams ! So he sets out to live it fully. Only, Ludivine has a feeling this boy meet girl scenario will take a nightmarish turn..."


RUNNER-UP - Best Animation

by Vojtech Domlatil

"Family is prepared to celebrate Christmas, but something goes wrong..."

WINNER - Best Original Score
WINNER - Best Sound Design

Goru Bihu Song
by Axl Hazarika

"Goru Bihu Song is an experimental video that captures the essence of Assamese folk Bihu dance and celebration of the spirit of Goru Bihu with cow face paint. Goru Bihu is a festival celebrated on the first day of Assamese calendar month of Bohag (mid-April during the start of spring), a day before Bohag Bihu, the harvest festival of Assam. Assam is a Indian state lying in the foothills of the Himalayan region in Northeast India. The video is based on the futuristic imagination of Goru Bihu celebrations, away from the homeland, and in the absence of cows amidst a generation of technology-based live music performance."